Compose a 1250 words assignment on the relevance of racial discrimination in society. Needs to be plagiarism free!

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Compose a 1250 words assignment on the relevance of racial discrimination in society. Needs to be plagiarism free! Looking down on people or denying them services or opportunities based on their skin color is wrong as it is degrading them yet they are similar human beings with almost similar genetic make-up. Racial discrimination should be shunned as it creates divisions within the society as a whole and results in the isolationism that marginalizes people within a society limiting their individual potential. this, in turn, limits the potential of the society as a whole in relation to its self-sustenance.

Racism arouses suspicion and animosity among the various racial groups in society creating divisions and tension between them. This creates a negative atmosphere that does not support the optimum functioning of any given society. Racial discrimination in society manifests itself in various forms such as offensive comments, name-calling, intimidation or harassment, and denial of social utilities. At its very worst, racial discrimination may result in violence or physical abuse to minority groups. Racial discrimination may occur through either conscious or unconscious prejudice or bias (Bell, 2013). Racial discrimination may directly or indirectly exclude individuals from participating in education, employment, sport, social activities, or accessing services. It may take place at various levels of society from the political to economical spheres. On this structural level, racial distinction assists in contributing to inequalities towards accessing resources, opportunities, and power among the various racial and ethnic groups present in society. Perpetuators of racism ascribe to the belief that a specific race or ethnic group is superior or inferior to others (Bell, 2013). These effects that arise out of racism help to spew negativity and animosity between the various racial groups that exist within a community. It leads to tension within the society and creates room for division among the racial groups. Racism serves to deny equal opportunities for all members of society. The article ‘this is how we lost to the white man’ by Ta-Nehisi Coates takes a look at what it terms as ‘Bill Cosby’s black conservatism’.

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