Compose a 1500 words assignment on persepolis by satrapi in collaboration with vincent paronnaud. Needs to be plagiarism free!

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Compose a 1500 words assignment on persepolis by satrapi in collaboration with vincent paronnaud. Needs to be plagiarism free! The veil is the mantra of female privacy in society. Women in the Islamic society must cover their hair and faces at times in black veils. Marjane explains that the decision to wear a veil is not the girl’s to make. A girl child is born in society and adopts the ways of life naturally. Women must cover themselves in veils a feature that limits their freedom to wear particular clothes. The girls in the society cannot wear any other type of clothing and in case they do, they must conceal such clothes in the hijab and the veil that conceals the face. The veil conceals the inner self thus portraying an outer self the society considers appropriate especially in public places.

Marjane likes rock music. Additionally, she does not like the veil that covers her face “We found ourselves veiled and separated from our friends.”&nbsp.(Satrapi 22). However, she must wear the veil and suppress her love for punk rock music while in public places. The hijab and the veil make her blend seamlessly with the many other women in the society thus earns herself a sense of belonging. She makes it clear that she wears the veil just because society expects all women to do so especially when in public places. Once she gets home and in her privacy, Marjane reveals her “inner” self. She removes the veil and enjoys her favorite type of music. She feels free when in the privacy of her home. Iran is a hot country and wearing a black hijab and a black veil is torture of its own kind. She, therefore, removes such torturous garments and enjoys her favorite music something she can do in the public space.

Segregation of the sexes in the society is yet another social&nbsp.phenomenon that limits the freedoms for women in the society especially in schools and places of work “It is against this background of prejudice that most women have poor chances of finding employment, especially on a full-time basis” (Afshar 38). The sexes should not converge in social places most of which are always public. The women in society just as any other group of women wish to mingle with the opposite gender. The situation is worse for young people in their adolescence. A move that limits the exposure of inner life in pubic is during a party organized by the youths in the society. Marjane with both her male and female friends are enjoying themselves at the party.

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