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Compose a 2000 words assignment on critical and editorial report. Needs to be plagiarism free! My multimedia report was based on the rise of the independent music industry in less developed countries. In developed nations, music industry represents one of the most dynamic segments. Simultaneously, the music industry’s contribution to economic growth in developing countries is also becoming evident in the current phenomenon. In the majority of nations, music stands as one of the most vital creative industries in economic as well as cultural terms. It is fundamentally because on one hand music is regarded as a key method of artistic expression, while on the other, music is emerging as a persistent commercial industry. Since the beginning of civilisation, music has been one of the most significant ways of describing a culture. Furthermore, as a commercial segment, the music industry has generated a considerable amount of revenue (Throsby, 2002). Undoubtedly, it is one of the rapidly growing segments in-service economy. However, in most developing nations, music industry remained underexplored with insufficient utilisation and economic performances and resources. In several nations, policymakers are still unenthusiastic to treat music as status provided to traditional industries (Andersen & et. al., 2000).

My rationale for multimedia report arrives from the idea that how poor nation can establish music industry independently, on their own. In my report, I have demonstrated that a small African nation has attempted to establish the music industry. In a developed nation, the objective of the music industry is to make money and to represent the culture. However, in less developed nations, the picture is slightly different, where the music artists perform only for themselves, as they are not provided with any royalty (Hracs, 2012). Irrespective of several problems of less developed nations, the struggle of music artists is worthy of attention. In less-developed nations, such as Gambia of African continental, the music industry is significant, but largely unsatisfied owing to poor utilisation of resources and undermined scope for the industry to flourish.

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