Compose a 250 words assignment on the gender wage gap in america. Needs to be plagiarism free!

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Compose a 250 words assignment on the gender wage gap in america. Needs to be plagiarism free! The Gender Wage Gap in America

This essay serves to explicate the basic reasons for the under-payment of women. Occupational selections and gender roles are given as some of the reasons for this phenomenon. The American woman is, therefore, disadvantaged by situations beyond her control. You call on all Americans to be actively involved in solving this unfortunate situation.

Your thesis statement is “All Americans must actively seek to solve the gender wage gap, because solving the gender wage gap will benefit all Americans” addresses the need to pay women better wages (1). This is a pertinent issue in the field of gender studies, which is important to all Americans. Your thesis gives the first premise, the second premise is appropriately missing, and the conclusion is well stated. I, however, cannot find disagreement in your thesis and I think you should have how all Americans will benefit from the bridging of the gender wage gap.

I agree with your rebuttals that women are still the primary caregivers and tend to take more flexible jobs and that women tend to make occupational choices differently from men (2). I, however, must add that the issue of occupational choices is caused by socialization. Most women are socialized to believe that they cannot handle tough jobs which are a preserve for the males. Accordingly, such women choose to pursue less demanding jobs, which equally have lower pay.

The essay should be more accommodative to readers that may view this issue differently. You should lay more emphasis on how gender-based discrimination in wages affects every American whether male or female. You need to let the men know that you’re not blaming them for the issue, but the system instead. You should not make them feel responsible for the plight of women in terms of poor wages.

I appreciate that you have used various sentence structures. There are simple, compound, and complex sentences in the essay. Your ideas are flowing nicely. I, however think you should have addressed the issues that have led to gender-based wages in consecutive paragraphs without introducing the idea of racially discriminative wages. The latter discussion should come after the major points concerning gendered wages are concerned.

This essay is an eye-opener regarding the ways in which the American woman is discriminated against in terms of wages. You, however, need to be more precise on the ways in which an individual can contribute to finding a solution to the discrimination of women in relation to pay.

Work cited

Pilgreen, Sally. The Gender Wage Gap in America. April 28, 2013.Print.

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