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Compose a 3500 words assignment on egypt maintain future political islam. Needs to be plagiarism free! In the Middle East, there has been a recent push for the establishment of political Islam, known as the Islamic resurgence, has gained considerable popular appeal as followers of the Islamic religion see Westernization, capitalism, and secularization as a significant threat to Muslim communities and the establishment of political Islam within a society serves to counter these perceived threats (Milton-Edwards and Hinchcliffe, 2001). As Fuller (2003) points out, Islam has prevailed much longer than any other religious institution in the world.

Islamists see a need for re-interpretation of the Quran and successfully apply them to the modern world as it pertains to political state governance. Utvik (1993) reinforces that Islamists rebuff modernism due to its tendency toward secularism where there is a powerful belief in reason and science with much less emphasis on serving the values of the divine. The ideological foundation for rejecting Westernism, materialism, and capitalism can be witnessed with the inception of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, an Islamist organization that has gained popularity and support throughout the Middle East for blending political activism with Islamist-based generosity and philanthropy.

What underpins growth in political Islam throughout the world is a shared set of religious values in which the basic social sentiment is that Islam should be the guiding force for society, governing social lifestyle. Islamists believe that the Quran’s guiding principles satisfy the divine, thus serving as the most relevant political model for a society in order to ensure that devoted precepts of the Quran are the fundamental goals of society. To not establish Islamist values in society and politics is considered unfavorable secularism, unfaithfulness to Islam which is incapable of solving problems or improving one’s ability to commune with the divine.&nbsp.

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