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Before you write your review, you will write a proposal letting me know what you plan to review and why. You have already conducted research to ensure you will be able to meet the source requirements for your Review assignment.

This assignment is due midnight Sunday 9/10.

Prepare a document for this assignment. Use MLA format. 12 pt. font, double spaced, 1” margins on all sides, MLA header and page numbers. Your proposal needs to include the following:

What are you reviewing? It can be one of the following: a book (comic books and graphic novels count), a movie, a video game. This information can be a bulleted list or written as a paragraph:

  • Name or title
  • Creator/author/director/actors/other important people involved
  • Year published/released
  • Brief plot summary or description. I may not be familiar with what you are choosing, so you need to let me know basic information.
  • Intended audience of your item. Who is this made for? Who is not the intended audience?

Why are you choosing this item to review? Do you have a significant background or interest in books/movies/games? What makes you qualified to give an opinion? This is about building your authority. For example, I’m a creative writer, so if I chose a book to review, I’d talk about my own experience as a reader and writer. Some of this information will end up in your review, to help your readers understand why you are an authority on the topic. This portion should be at least a 200-word paragraph.

List 3 to 5 potential secondary sources relevant to your topic using MLA format. At least one source should come from the Texas Wesleyan library database. At least one source must be a review of the same item you will review, or a comparable item in the same genre. Use the MLA works cited format you’d use on a works cited page and organize your sources alphabetically by the first piece of information in the citation entry. Include a few sentences of commentary for each source. This commentary should describe what the source does (what type of text it is, what the main point is) and how you envision using the source in your own review. It’s okay if you end up changing the sources end up using in your paper, since as you know, research is a dynamic, evolving process. But the sources you list here should be sources that you are seriously considering. All sources must be approved by me in order to use them in your paper.

Your proposal will not be considered complete if you don’t include all of the portions listed in the instructions.

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