Conscious Capitalism

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The purpose of this PowerPoint presentation (10 slides, including cover and reference slides) is to explore and analyze the principles of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and conscious capitalism (CC) related to the actions from both human resources and company leadership that offers a distinction for the organization above its competitors. Company (APPLE) for this presentation slides. Presentation must include the following:

  • Cover Slide
  • Introduction slide: The overview of the presentation.
  • Explain the concept of CSR and the four tenets of CC.
  • Evaluate the CSR practices within the selected organization.
  • Examine how the respective company models the tenets of CC.
  • Discuss how the CSR and CC practices align with the company’s overall corporate strategies and human resources practices, and which ultimately impact the employees and local community.
  • Propose recommendations for leadership to integrate the Christian worldview and tenets of CC for such practices.
  • Conclusion slide: Summarize the key points from the presentation.
  • References

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