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  • You have been tasked to create a marketing offer for one market segment of the MBA program. First define your market segment (e… International students, middle managers, undergraduate students, executives, etc.). Then, use the QFD process to create an offer for that market segment. Include an explanation of the table you create.
  • Write a 2-page essay on how to use Constraints Management to manage a sales force. (Double space, Times New Roman 12, All margins 1”)
  • You have been asked to justify the reason for the existence of the department where you currently work (or have worked in the past). To do this you need to do an S&T which consists of one block at level 1 and two blocks below that level. For the first S&T block, provide Necessary Assumptions, Strategy, Parallel Assumptions, Tactic, and Sufficiency Assumptions. For the other two blocks, do not complete the Sufficiency Assumptions.

Please upload two files, one in PowerPoint for the S&T and a Word file for the rest.

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