Consultation and Testimony

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In two paragraphs each, answer the four questions below. I have included the book names along with the associated chapters where the answers can be found. For Posey and Bernstein you will need to locate the books yourself. I have uploaded the PDF for Melton.

Does trial consulting help to achieve the goal of justice? Posey, A. & Wrightsman, L. (2005).Trial consulting.Oxford University Press.ISBN -10: 0195183096.ISBN – 13: 978-0195183092 Chapter 1

Select a step in the criminal case process and describe the possible roles of the forensic expert. Bernstein, B. & Hartsell, T. (2005). The portable guide to testifying in court for mental health professionals: An a-z guide to being an effective witness.John Wiley and Sons.ISBN – 10: 0471465526.ISBN – 13:978-0471465522 Chapters 1-4 and Melton Chapter 2

How do lawyers prepare witnesses? (Posey – Chapter 2)

Describe the impact of opening statements. (Posey – Chapter 5)

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