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Submissions with an originality ranking of 25% or more are not acceptable. Please review:

Grading Rubric – see attachment in Supporting Materials below

Final Project.

Option 1:
Contemporary Issues in Security Management

Each student prepares and submits research paper as discussed in detail below. It comprises 30% of the final grade. Each student will submit a 10 page paper (inclusive of title and reference pages; example 1 title page, 8 pages of research, 1 page of references) written in MS-Word examining one of the following issues.

Each student will select one of the eight primary weekly topics on which to write. The topics follow:
Security Convergence
Private Military and Security Companies (PMC and PSC)
Computer Security
Leading and Managing in the 21st Century
The Technological Revolution
Change Management
The Future of the Global Security Industry


APA sixth edition:

Formatting the paper (step-by-step):

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