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1. Listen to “Gap’s Progress on Corporate Social Responsibility,” a podcast presented by the Stanford University Graduate School of Business – Center for Social Innovation.
”When clothing giant Gap took its first steps toward corporate responsibility in 1992, it wasn’t aiming for anything extraordinary from its suppliers—just for workers to receive the basic minimum wage, overtime premiums, and a cap on workable hours. In contrast, today the Gap has bigger ambitions…” Please refer to the attached VOPP, also posted as a ‘reply’ to this thread.

2. Read “Coca-Cola on the Yangtze: A Corporate Campaign for Clean Water in China”
“For continued growth in China, Coca-Cola officials recognize that the company must strengthen what they call ‘water security.’ The WWF projects are ‘not considered philanthropy or even CSR,’ says Brenda Lee, vice president of Coca-Cola China. ‘It is part of our business commitment. We can only prosper and thrive in communities that are sustainable.’”


Informed by your own experiences, perspectives, and independent research please address the following question:

Beyond strict compliance with all applicable local laws, should international subsidiaries of American companies also strive to reflect or apply American criteria and “standards” in the conduct of their business, in areas such as (a) wages and (b) environmental impact? [In your answer you may focus upon only one of these two areas]

• Your answer should not exceed one single-spaced page in length, and should include at least one fully referenced independently researched source.
• Your answers will be due by no later than midnight, Friday, October 21.
• You are also required to post at least one substantive critique of a classmate’s original answer, by no later than midnight, Sunday, October 23.
• Please post you answers as “Replies” to this thread, including your name in the Subject line.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding any part of this assignment, please feel free to contact me via personal email.

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