Crawford’s The World Beyond Your Head, assignment help

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Hi, thanks for helping me this time, please write an essay based on the guideline.

Logic is really important. I want you to write using EASY vocabs.

BE SURE TO READ THE ATTACHED FILES (especially, Journal1 file, and page 89-92 pdf file is essential to read)

Length: 950 – 1,200+ words (12 point font, double-spaced)

Write an essay on one of the topics below. Assume a reader who is only casually familiar with Crawford’s book and will need to be reminded about particulars. Get started by reading and re-reading relevant texts and passages, and brainstorming on paper with respect to the topic you’ve chosen below. Be alert to the possibilities for sharpening, refining, changing your ideas as you develop them (freewriting, or an outline or semantic map—a graphic outline—may be useful as this stage, as well as selecting useful quotations).

Your thesis, which need not be limited to one sentence but which must stand out as your main point, should express the most significant discoveries you make in your reading and the major points you’ll be exploring in your writing—and it should appear at end of first paragraph (or, if using an ‘experiential’ intro., at beginning of second).

Finally, be sure to link your ideas in the body of your essay to profile details which show where you’re deriving your ideas from—“show how you know, what you know.” Related to this, remember that quotes are not self-explanatory: you’ll need to explain to your reader why they mean what you say they do


Compare three or more children’s mechanized games (like Leap Frog Learning Table) according to how responsive the machine’s actions are to the differences in the player’s physical interactions with it, such as pressure of hitting the controls, placement of hand, etc; which game is the most and which the least responsive? Be sure to closely re-read 89 – 92, and integrate your discussion with Crawford’s argument (that is, explain what his point is, and the extent to which you agree or not).

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