Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses b f skinner’s contributions to the field of psychology.

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Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses b f skinner’s contributions to the field of psychology. According to the outline and guidelines of the assignments, I chose to discuss the life of B.F. Skinner, who was a behavioral psychologist and propelled his work towards the field of operant conditioning. His work was more instrumental in structuring and confirming major sectors in the psychology field. B.F. Skinner, who was a fervent student of E.L. Thorndike and behavioral psychologist, created a remarkable view of the present view in regards to expanding the comprehension of conditioning. His model was typically instrumental confirming numerous understanding of the current conditioning psychological models out in use in most concurrent life practices. The psychological study approach by B.F. use of the pigeons and rats in enforcing presentations on positive and negative reinforcement and concurrent punishment in notable segmented regions well designed and crafted production of certain target behaviors and models showed the responsive approach regarding behaviorism.

Skinner entailed his research on rats and pigeons in a process of conducting positive reinforcement and considerable negative reinforcement. In his contribution to psychology and researches, skinner heavily dealt with the considerable essence of behavior. He held a belief that the associated response loop had a&nbsp.critical essence in providing an explanation of the behaviors of the human being. He outlined that this model heavily responsible in the process of elementary decision making to the eventual lifestyle model and design (Kuhn, 2007). He had his critical regard for the outlining and recognition of superstition beliefs. Superstition, a term that dominantly has regards representing facts on the belief that are not based or founded on the inherent human reason or even considerable scientific knowledge outlining that future occasion is intensely designed and projected by an individual behavior inappropriate magical ways or paths. With regard to his experiments, Skinner undertook punishments that can be explained as acts of imposing and inflicting sanction for certain typical undesirable behaviors in a bid to achieve conditioning towards a certain behavior. He also had inclusion of aversion that talks of a tendency to repel and avoid a situation that is typically considered as the state of being.

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