Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses do airplane mechanics play the most important role in the safety of the aviation industry.

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Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses do airplane mechanics play the most important role in the safety of the aviation industry. Technical inspection of aircraft is widely carried out by the mechanics of military and civil aviation worldwide and in certain countries. The work is accompanied by a great number of difficulties, so, unfortunately, very few people choose this profession, while the need for aircraft mechanics is great. The maintenance schedule prescribes the change of people, thus there should be a sufficient number of well-qualified professionals. “Major aircraft manufacturers are predicting a need for thousands of aircraft maintenance technicians each year over the next several years as more and more airplanes are produced” (Aircraft Mechanics – An Important Role). Mechanics work at airports, bases, private airfields, military units, and at the decks of aircraft carriers. Mechanics are used by passenger and cargo air carriers, firms specializing in aircraft servicing, operators of private airfields, agricultural aircrafts companies, state-owned airlines, and the owners of personal air fleet. Small airports can provide employment to several mechanics, while large ones and military bases employ thousands of them.

The checks implemented by such professionals are divided into Transit Check, Daily Check, Weekly Check, A-check, B-check, C-check, and D-check). A-check and B-check are easy checks, while C and D-check are difficult forms of maintenance (Kryshkevych).

Transit Check is the simplest visual check of the external state and the main units of a plane. It is carried out before each departure of an aircraft. A technician attentively examines a plane for defects or damages to its covering. Engines and the most important systems are checked.

Daily Check is a daily technical inspection of a plane that is carried out every 24-36 hours. It is usually implemented at night. A plane is carefully checked for visible damages. Its general state, the main units, level of necessary liquids in the systems, and the emergency equipment is thoroughly inspected.

Weekly Check is carried out during 3-5 hours each 7-10 days. It includes

— the check of oils and other liquids. everything is replenished or changed if necessary.

— the check of the general conditions of a covering, internal systems, chassis, APU, and generator.

— all external and internal fires and avionics are checked.

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