Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses influence of social media on consumption.

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Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses influence of social media on consumption. Research results indicate that nobody aspect of development can ignore the value of social media. In fact, social media is more useful for salespersons in the sales industry. Corporate salespersons and other agency corporations lead the pack of sectors currently recording the highest usage of social media.


Scholars consider social influence an important factor in evaluation outcomes of education, unemployment, income, crime, as well as relationships. However, little attention goes to the influence of social connections that affect consumption. This discourse delves into this analysis using the personal experience of the author including purchasing a mobile phone from the second-hand market. The face of information and communication technology is undergoing changes courtesy of social media. Channels available for social media are many, distinct, and diverse. They are innovative with advanced features as they develop from one stage to another. This enables people to share news both good and bad, concepts new, old, and upcoming, as well as developments as they occur.

On the other hand, failures, success, gossip, and criticism spread like bushfire to people because of social media. Salespersons are the first group of professionals to access information from the public therefore, they do not have options, but to transform the traditional methods applied in the sales industry by concentrating on social media and its expanding presence around the globe. This paper delves into the influence of the Consumer Culture Theory (CCT) and the Public Relations Theory on consumption using the purchase of a second-hand mobile phone as a case study.

Problem Statement

The landscape of sales is undergoing a metamorphosis aided by the growth and development of social media and new aspects of communication technology. This research poses the question, how is social media influencing the role of salespersons during their discharge of duties? The author of this discourse hypothesizes that social media is developing into a standard element of the role played by experts in the sales industry.

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