Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses is it possible and useful to establish an official world language.

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Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses is it possible and useful to establish an official world language. Culture is the most fundamental element that decides what the language of a country should be. According to research conducted by University College London (UCL), “language in humans has evolved culturally rather than genetically.” (ScienceDaily 1). It is because of the importance of language, that literature forms an essential part of a nation’s culture. The difference in cultures among various nations of the world makes the development of an official world language almost impossible. Achieving an official world language is a concept as abstract as developing a common culture for the various nations, that differ in their fundamental ideology, religion, thinking, and way of life. “Development of an official world language can be beneficial, though the concept is highly idealistic and unachievable practically.”

There are many potential hurdles in the way of developing an official world language. People sharing one culture resemble in ethical standards. The ethical standards vary from culture to culture. Some people frequently make use of extremely harsh words in their day to day communication, while others remain highly formal even in their most casual discussions. Different languages have different terms to express the same meanings. For example, Urdu has specific terms that are made use of as per the level of respect one wants to show for the other person in the speech. On the contrary, there are many languages that have a limited number of terms, so it often takes more than one word to express one’s gratitude for another person.

Not many people would like to learn a language that would unnecessarily complicate their conversations with each other. The selection of an official world language essentially means all people on the face of Earth need to be able to speak, read, and write it. Before making such an attempt, it should be noted that not many people have conventionally been able to acquire all these skills in a second language that they have formally been taught in schools as part of their curriculum. For example, English has been conventionally recognized as an international language in which all international proceedings usually take place all over the world. Countries with different national languages commonly interact with each other in English.

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