Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses merging firms and their competitors.

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Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses merging firms and their competitors. The American and Canadian markets have a massive potential, which has sustained numerous firms. Several firms are in this industry. Therefore, Wild Oats faces substantial competition from its rivals hence the entity has to ensure that it provides its clients with value through its products. Failure to provide its clientele with value would culminate in the entity losing part of its market segment (Harbin & Humphrey, 2010).

Owing to the competitive nature of the market, organizations have to advertise their merchandise. This keeps the general population aware of the products that they are offering. This means that the advertisement budgets for such entities are massive relative to other markets. However, the entities also earn significant profits, which can cover the funds that they commit to such campaigns. This market is characterized by strict rules. Therefore, entities spend enormous resources in attempts to meet industrial standards. This means that failure to comply with the industrial standards would culminate in enormous losses. Therefore, the entities have to be cautious in processing their products. The entity sells food in a nation where the population and the government are wary of the consequences of an unhealthy diet. Consequently, the government has enacted laws that seek to protect the population from unhealthy delicacies. Such conditions have made production incredibly challenging. Therefore, entities have to hire an excellent technicians. Additionally, entities have to employ advanced production technology (Mackey, 2007).

The merger entailed two firms in the food industry. The two firms sell natural and& food merchandise. This merger consolidated two leading firms in a single industry subsequently reducing competition in the food sector. The two firms involved were Wild Oats and Whole Foods. Whole Foods commenced operations in Texas.&nbsp.

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