Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses the role of friendship experience in personal development.

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Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses the role of friendship experience in personal development. I’ve highlighted main traits of friendship phenomena, such as complicity to a certain social group, confidence in surroundings, as well as traumatic experience caused by betrayal, and showed their influence on personality development. The example of Louisa proves the statement that personality growth is related to continuously increasing reciprocity in interpersonal relationships. The impact of the friendship on psychological well-being, as well as the influence of personal qualities on the experience of friendship, cannot be underestimated.

Friendship is a very significant interpersonal relationship, the importance of which in human’s life cannot be underestimated. At the same time, there are lots of different kinds of relationships, but all they have enough mutual traits. They are enormous bound of mutual trust and special regard, cemented by equal self-disclosure. Very often friendship involves love as well, which parallels romantic love (Thomas, 1987, p. 217-218).

It is also well-known that friendship is very important for the psychological well-being, such as self-esteem and positive feelings of self-worth, while those who have a lack of friendship may be at risk for psychological maladaptation. Children who experience problems with friendship are less protected from the victimization and have a lack of social skills (Wojslawowicz, Rubin, & Burgess, 2006, p. 672).

Thus, the aim of this analysis is to investigate the impact of personal qualities such as self-confidence, friendliness and reliability on the experience of friendship. On the example of Louise’s interview will see the view of friendship from the experience of a young woman, who has already experienced some failures in friendship.

The data used for this analysis was Louise’s Interview and Transcript from a study researching friendship. Through this interview, Louisa discusses her experience of friendship and challenges related to the friendship she has already met.

These data were taken from the HEA website for further thematic analysis.

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