Create a 6 pages page paper that discusses gender and society: the feminist perspective.

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Create a 6 pages page paper that discusses gender and society: the feminist perspective. Feminists work by exploring a number of avenues that tend to increase women’s empowerment. Through the realm of empowerment, passivity has been superseded by critical an open debate between feminist scholars and between those that concur or disagree with feminism. The different representations of the feminist stereotypes in the contemporary writing domain highlight the key features of misogyny, the disdain, and contempt of women that exacerbate their oppression.

While reflecting their role in society during the twentieth century, many women in the literature domain are usually depicted as subordinate to their husbands and to society in general. They are often portrayed at a level that is not only inferior to men but also dominated by them. Regardless of whether they were dealing with their careers or spouses, these women in the literature appear as mere characters in a male-dominated world. Susan Glaspell and Charlotte Perkins Gilman were no exceptions to this role. However, these two women took their limitations in their stride and created stories that are a clear reflection of their lives and experiences. “Trifles” by Glaspell and “The Yellow Wallpaper” by Gilman are stories that allow the reader to reflect on the minds of these women in literature during this era of harsh oppression. The stories are crafted to express emotional depletion, insubordination, and the different roles that women played in different times in a bid to bring change to society. The stories demonstrate the evolution of women in literature as well as society. The theme of feminism is a dominant factor in these topics, accompanying the reflections on womens minds during this time.

The common factor between these two women is that they are both affected by male oppression over time. The women struggle to illustrate how women in society become psychologically and emotionally unstable. However, they finally open their eyes to the mistreatments that they are suffering. The stories have a common agenda of demonstrating that unhappy marriages are the result of over-control of one partner by the other.

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