Create a 6 pages page paper that discusses violence and the number of perpetrators with eye-witness memory.

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Create a 6 pages page paper that discusses violence and the number of perpetrators with eye-witness memory. In this essay, it will be argued that eye-witness memory is not reliable. This essay will firstly discuss the study by Krug & Weaver (2005) about eyewitness memory in civil cases which shows that memory performance is poor with a rating of only 20%, as with metamemory accuracy after a delay. The accuracy decreases when researchers deliberately delay the testing for more than a week. Then it will discuss the study done by Clifford and Hollin (1981) about witnesses’ memory performance after a violent incident, which shows that accuracy was low as well, and it decreased with the number of perpetrators seen, with the lowest accuracy recorded when the participants were shown a violent video with five perpetrators.

The purpose of the study by Krug and Weaver (2005) was to conduct a study on the reliability of eye witness memory by studying memory in product identification, which is common in civil cases. The independent variables are the products used in the recipes and time, with eight levels (the number of products used) and two levels (a week and two weeks), respectively. The dependent variable is the memory performance after the subject has been exposed to the recipe and the said products. The participants were one hundred and ten Baylor University undergraduates who consist of ninety-six women and fourteen men. Their age range was 18 to 23 years old. These participants received extra credit for participating in the experiment.

The procedure involved following a recipe and remembering the ingredients. They were tested separately and were told that the researchers were investigating different kinds of writing instructions on the speed and accuracy of recipe mixing. They were also told that they would be timed and speed was important. Then, each participant randomly drew a number corresponding to the type of recipe they should use. But the kinds of recipes are all the same in reality, while the brands of the products used varied per recipe.

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