Create a 7 pages page paper that discusses design, drawing, and practical skills.

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Create a 7 pages page paper that discusses design, drawing, and practical skills. The aspect for the inclusion of the specification is that it defines the scope of design, its performance requirements, weight, mass, and the reliability and viability to be achieved in the designing process (Villar, 2003.p.241-248).

Subsequently, a design specification is essential in the sense that it describes the manner in which the system would execute the requirements that have been summarized in its functional requirements section. In relevance to the system, this can comprise information on testing specific needs, configuration settings, or assessment of the operations. All requirements provided in the operational specification must be addressed. connecting requirements among the design specification and functional requirements performed (Villar, 2003.p.145-149).

The aim of the design specification document for this Wind Turbine project shall be to introduce the expected product to users prior to the actual development of the product. As such, it shall outline the stages of development to ensure that the succeeding design meets the requirements of the end-user. A design specification ought to consist of all essential drawings, environmental factors, dimensions, aesthetic factors, ergonomic factors, cost and maintenance, safety, quality, description, and documentation. It also gives specific instances of the manner the design of the device should be implemented, assisting designers to work efficiently. Therefore, this specification will need to be approved and reviewed by the system owner, developer, and quality assurance before implementation.

In support of the other parts of the design process, the specification shall comprise of quality assurance symbols that will guarantee that the project’s design conformed to appropriate policies and that all demands were effectively addressed. As such, the design specification document shall be broad enough for the developer to initiate work, but, without having to give details on ‘how’ it is to be implemented. Rather it shall major on defining ‘what’ ought to be executed in the project (Villar, 2003.p.150-153).

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