Create a 7 pages page paper that discusses smartphones: usage, details and impact.

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Create a 7 pages page paper that discusses smartphones: usage, details and impact. Many smartphones have touch screens and are run by operating systems such as Symbian, android, windows mobile and blackberry OS.

The screen of a smartphone is generally smaller than that of a computer but larger than that of a regular mobile phone. They have random access memories, central processing units and expandable memory. Smartphones can have up to 1.2 GHz of processor, 1 GB random access memory and 64 GB processor, a feature resembling that of lap and palm computer. They are the pillars of mobile commerce and the infrastructure of social connectivity.

Two main features that define smartphones are the gyroscopes and accelerometers. Gyroscopes drive navigation that needs motion such as games. Accelerometers provide twin-screen visibility: landscape and portrait. Smartphone has two types of touch screen displays. These are capacitive and resistive displays. Capacitive displays respond to finger gestures such as the screen of Samsung S5. Resistive display responds to the command of pen-like hardware referred to as a stylus.

Besides being able to run the software and perform computing tasks, there are stark differences between a smartphone and traditional computers. The differences arise from the user input, operating system, portability, connectivity, storage screen size, power and cost.

Storages of many smartphones range 125 MB to 64 GB. This is unlike the storage capacity of computers, both desktop and laptop, that have an average of 250 Gigabytes. The normal computers, therefore, have an advantage of performing and storing several tasks while a smartphone user has only space to store very necessary tasks, software, applications and entertainment.

Internet connections through a smartphone are fast, reliable and can be easily managed, reason being, they only need network connectivity to the nearest cell phone tower. Computers over-rely on Wi-Fi network.

Categorization of Smartphones bases on the features they can handles, design, battery life, operating system, zoom power of its camera, quality of photographs and how crisp its screen is.

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