Create a PPT and write a speech draft

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Literature and leadership: presentation project

Deliverable. A well-crafted, insightful, 3 minutes PPT.

Multimodal Literature and Leadership Presentation.

The presentation will be centered on this prompt:

“Effective leadership is people who always have positive attitude and resolve those tough situations by it.” (I wrote this sentence by myself, and if there are grammar mistakes, please help me correct it but do not change the main idea, thank you!)

Ensure the final PPT presentation is comprised of 5-6 PPT slides (including introduction, body and references, no need conclusion since this is a group project, my partner will handle it)

Ensure the final PPT presentation is guided by persuasive appeals (ethos, logos, and pathos) and useful examples.


• Ensure the presentation is mechanically and grammatically correct.

• Use 2-3 materials in some way.

• Provide in-text citations in MLA format.

• Include a Works Cited at the end of your presentation

• Have an audio component that provides an explication of the slides


  • Conrad, Joseph. The Secret Sharer. (For your convenience, this title is available online and without fee at
  • Hersey, John. A Bell for Adano. New York, NY: Vintage Press, 1988. ISBN-13: 978-0394756950 (**electronic iBooks version available on iTunes for $4.99)
  • Julius Caesar. Dir. Joseph Mankiewicz. Perf. Marlon Brando and James Mason. Metro Goldwyn-Mayer, 1953. Film.
  • The Queen. Dir. Stephen Frears. Perf. Helen Mirren and Michael Sheen. Miramax Films, 2006. Film.

Here are the resources that you need to choose 2-3 from them and use them in PPT and speech draft.


  • please help me to create the PPT, which including relative and specific sources that I provide to you, you need to mention or giving examples from resources to support the prompt.
  • and then help me to write a speech draft which easy to read since I will use “voicethread” to present and read it. The presentation just 3 mins for my part, so, do not write too much.

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