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The purpose of the
assignment is to aid the student in identifying the overall framework of Human
Resource Management (HRM) and the internal and external forces that impact its
operations. HRM benefits an organization and its employees when it has a seat
at the table where strategic decisions are made.

have been hired by a company as a Human Resource Generalist to create a Human
Resources Department for the organization. You will be the only employee in
this department for the foreseeable future.

Createa 6-month plan of things you want to focus on.
This can be in a timeline structure (with detailed notes) or as a proposal.

Identifyat least three (3) factors that need to be
considered in the formulation of this department.

Includeat least four (4) different disciplines that
are in the structure of a Human Resources Department and a brief description of

Explainhow the Human Resource department aligns with
the organization’s strategic plan, and serves the individual employee

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