Creative Writing Project Unit 2, homework help

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You will use words to create memorable images in poetic, lyrical language as a commercial venture.


Jingle writer


Advertising agency and general consumer population for product selected


Know that jingle you can’t get out of your mind? Are you still singing about Oscar Mayer Bologna? Jingles are really just lyrical poems about some product that stick in our minds – sometimes for decades. An executive advertising firm has contacted you. They need a jingle for an Internet site. Select a product that you like, want, or drool over. Your task is to write a jingle for the advertising agency. It must be at least two stanzas in length. You may set the words to a tune you already know, or you may compose your own music. Upload both your text version and your sung version. You can subcontract a singer or get a group of friends to help sing, but you may not have a ghostwriter. The words must be your own. Be sure to give your performer(s) credit if you use them.

You will be graded on originality, imagery, language, product details, and mesh of music and words. Have fun.

Product or Performance

You will post your jingle on the voice board and submit the script for your jingle below. If you don’t see a link to the voice board – ask your teacher about it.

Your classmates will then be able to comment your work and provide feedback, both supportive and suggestive. You will then submit a revision for a final grade based on the rubric. Use the suggestions on this website to give you suggestions and tips.

Standards for Success

A successful project will:

  • Present an idea or item in an innovative way
  • Engage all senses through language and imagery
  • Mesh with a musical background in a way that augments the presentation
  • Connect with audience, both through the idea/item presented and the presentation itself

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