critical annotated bibliography and literature review

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Step 1: 

Topic: The Impact of advertising on Facebook

Write a critical annotated bibliography. You should gather a min. of 8 sources for your APA annotated bibliography. Please also provide DOI or URLs in the citation.

An annotated bibliography sums up the content of a source, providing an overview of the argument, methodology, and evidence used in the work. A critical annotated bibliography summarizes and evaluates a source, noting bias, objective, and lack of evidence. In addition, a critical annotated bibliography may show how the source research may or may not be useful in a writers research and/or in a particular field of study. You should gather 8 or more sources for the critical annotated bibliography.

Step 2:

APA Literature Review on the same topic as the annotated bibliography.

8-10 pages long (not including your title page and reference page)

You will write literature review on the topic that is mentioned above (The Impact of advertising on Facebook). You are not arguing your personal opinion, you are just synthesizing the material that is available on the subject. 

The literature review points out unanswered but researchable questions in your topic area. This document should be APA documentation style.

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