CRJ 320 Criminology Research Paper

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needs to be in APA format and the crime is human trafficking I choose this from the uniform crime report

RESEARCH PAPER: For this assignment, you will write a paper applying theory to a particular crime. You will choose a major field of criminology (Classical, Biological, Psychological, or Sociological) that explains the causation of one the following crimes:1) any crime selected from the Uniform Crime Reports, National Incident-Based Reporting System, or National Crime Victimization Survey; 2) any white-collar crime; or 3) any environmental crime. Your analysis will apply only to your one chosen crime. Your paper should have six sections: an introduction, four substantive sections, and a conclusion. In these four substantive sections, you will 1) analyze causation of the crime based on your selected field of criminology and 2) three sections comparing and contrasting the other three fields of criminology, explaining why they’re not as significant a cause for your chosen crime.

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