Culture, Civil & Global Understanding; Sci Tech and Hum Val

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answer the 10 following questions based on the following videos

  1. What belief did Galileo share with Copernicus?
  2. Explain why this belief was a problem for authorities in the Catholic Church?
  3. What did Galileo say we should think if the bible and science seemed to contradict one another?
  4. Explain one of examples in the short film “Does Evolution Really Matter”, that shows that study of Darwin’s theory of evolution is important.
  5. What was the Butler Act?
  6. What was the issue in the Scopes trial? What was the outcome of the Scopes trial? (6 points)
  7. What is Intelligent Design?
  8. Explain why Intelligent Design proponents believe the bacterial flagellum supports their theory, and how the mouse trap demonstration refutes that theory.
  9. What is a theory, according to the scientists who testified in the Kitzmiller v. Dover Trial?
  10. What was the issue in The Kitzmiller v. Dover trial? What was the judge’s ruling in the Kitzmiller v. Dover trial?

Galileo’s Battle for the Heavens;

What is Evolution

What is Natural Selection?

Does the Theory of Evolution Really Matter?

Scope monkey trial

NOVA – Judgement Day – Intelligent Design on Tria

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