Cuneiform tablets, history homework help

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In my history class, we are doing presentations about various subjects from ancient societies. My subject is Cuneiform. I have to also have a speech that goes a long with the PowerPoint that at least lasts around 4-5 minutes. The topics of the power point are:

Slide 1

Understanding cuneiform

Definitions and other important terms

Slide 2

Cuneiform tablets

Outline the uses of the tablets and in the next slide show some images of cuneiform writing

Slide 3

Changes in writing form

Give details on how writing changed from other form to cuneiform and then from cuneiform to the current way of writing.

Slide 4

Cuneiform and community

Show relationship between the form of writing and the aspects of community you can shows images of cuneiform showing aspects of community

Slide 5

Cuneiform and religion

Show how cuneiform was related to religion

Slide 6

What are ideographs- include an image

This is a term that was used them. It is just an example. You can use other terms that were used then.

Slide 7

Writing in relation to economics

The earliest form of writing started with economics

It was a record that was done between two parties to show record of 3000 acres of land

Slide 8

Cuneiform and family

Show images of family and give details on how cuneiform contributed to growth of families

Slide 9, 10, 11 and 12

Cuneiform and politics or artistic or conflicts or technology each attaching images

Slide 13


Slide 14


Please site references in last slide in MLA format

Also include pictures too with the slides

You can do this ether on PowerPoint or google docs and share it with me.

It would be a great if anyone could help out

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