Cyber Security

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Students will develop a paper on a cyber‐related healthcare issue (ex. Ransomware, hacking event). Students will identify and summarize the key points of the issue up front, develop the issue’s background and identify key problems, identify solutions and wrap‐up the issue by concluding with key facts.

A thorough treatment of the topic using peer‐reviewed, scholarly resources is expected. APA format is mandatory with in‐text citations and a properly formatted Title and Reference page, double‐spaced Times New Roman 12 font. (Assignment Length: Body of the paper to be 3‐5 pages).

Title page should include the title, course name and number, instructor’s name, author’s name, and date. Use standard 1 inch margins on all sides, 12 point Times New Roman font and standard double‐spacing. An abstract is NOT required. Cite your references in EVERY instance and include a properly formatted reference list at the end of the paper. Use at least four sources for the first paper, with relevant citations to those sources.

Prior to submitting the paper for grading, students must run the paper through Turnitin to check for similarity and plagiarism. Students will have the option run their work through Turnitin up to 5 times. Assignments more than 12% similarity will not be accepted and receive a zero

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