David Porter Management Mini case discussion, writing homework help

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David Porter is in a meeting trying to focus on what is going on. He thinks that, as many other times, this meeting is a waste of time. First, there is Joe who never shuts up. “I wish I could tell him to close his mouth,” David thinks. Also, he sees Patricia who is very shy and does not open her mouth very frequently. “Too bad,” David says to himself, “last time I talked to her in private, she got pretty good ideas but if I tell her to mention them she may hate me for life. I guess she is just afraid of being ridiculed. At some point in the meeting, Rebecca, the boss, is suggesting a “great idea.” David realizes that there might be problems with this, he mentioned his concerns, but Rebecca practically ignored his remarks. David does not insist as he is afraid of political ramifications for the future. No one else insists either. “I wish there is a better way to conduct meeting,” David thinks. What would you recommend?


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