deceptive advertising, communications homework help (250 words)

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Note: Please follow instructions

A critical point of distinction between deceptive advertising and
mere puffery is whether a claim is a measurable statement of fact.

  • Think of some contemporary examples of each and explain why they are or are not measurable statements of fact.
  • When
    you notice deceptive advertising or puffery, how does your sense of
    personal ethical perspectives and values affect the way you make
    decisions about those advertised goods and services?
  • How does
    the ethical program of a particular group to which you currently belong,
    or previously belonged, treat the topic of misrepresentation or
    exaggeration of company goods and service?

Your initial
post should be at least 250 words in length. Support your claims with
examples from scholarly resources, and properly cite any references
according to APA style.

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