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Learning Outcomes:

a. Describe and explore investigative research methodologies

b. Select and apply fundamental forms and methods of formal research investigation

d. Develop, communicate and evaluate a comprehensive research plan


Assessment 1 (Research Proposal: Report Format)

This is an individual student Assessment. Max 2,000 – 2,500 words

Research Design

Students are provided by the lecturer a series of scenarios and situations to choose from based around real life

situations in the Australian societal landscape. Students then individually select one scenario subject to the final

approval of the lecturer. Based on the scenario selected, students design and develop a written research proposal

to conduct primary and secondary research to determine a consumer need, product or digital media project

opportunity, or need for a communications campaign.

The written Research Plan must include:

? A written statement of the research design, including a statement explaining the purpose of the study

? Identification of the research problem and research objectives

? A description of the research methodology

? An outline of the procedures associated with each stage of the research process.

? Summary of recommendations contained in the Research Proposal

This Assessment 1 also includes a Class Performance Review component covering contribution throughout all

assessment tasks and contribution to classwork and discussion over the trimester. This is an individual mark added

to your group mark for the final grade

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