Describe barrier/challenge you faced in your pursuit of higher education.

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Full prompt:

Describe barrier or challenge you faced in your pursuit of higher education and what motivates to persist, and how do you overcome them? What is your evidence of persistence, progress, and success.

I am thinking to write about how to work on one of my most sabotaging behaviors-my reluctance to ask for help. While I love to help people and I always felt trusted and reliable when somebody ask for my help, I used to think asking for help was a sign of weakness and I hate to bother people (I personally had difficulty asking for help). To me, studying was always a independent activity and when I encounter questions and I have materials that can’t understand, I would rather spend hours and hours reading into the materials deeper and research online than asking other people. And the first time I realized that I have this problem was when I was doing a lab for a chem class and I almost ruined the instrument because I was looking up instructions online instead of asking my team members. Our group was always the last one to finish because I spent too much time trying to figure out myself (We usually divided up the prepping stage)

My main challenge is that I have trouble describing the process of how I overcome this weakness in words and concrete details. But overcoming this barrier does help me to achieve better efficiency and understanding when it comes to studying.

Please elaborate on the materials that I provide. Thank you!!!!

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