Descriptive Essay

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Write a descriptive essay. Your topic must be focused on this idea: Write a complete thesis telling us about a place you have lived or visited (perhaps a vacation) or an incident such as a car accident or a storm that were in. Tell us what it meant to you to go to this place or to be in this situation. Describe it to us in detail so that we can experience it, too. Remember, this is about one specific event to write your descriptive essay. Descriptive Writing a Descriptive Essay Four items of a descriptive:

• It creates a tone, an image, a feeling, about your topic.

• It uses specific examples to support this tone.

• It supports those examples with the senses of sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch.

• It brings your essay alive for your reader; the reader can actually imagine what you are writing about because of the vivid details you provide.

Writing a descriptive essay

• Purpose (a clear thesis)

• Action (something will happen)

• Perhaps conflict (but maybe not)

• A main impression supported by at least three of the senses:sight, sound, smell, taste, touch

Writing your essay

• Select a topic

• Make sure it is a topic that can be described in two or three pages

• Write your thesis and focus on one overall impression you want to relate to your readers.

• Write your rough draft.

• Peer edit and revise your draft.

• Evaluate and do a final reading.

Essay essentials

• Your essay must be at least two pages set up in MLA style.

• It must include:

1. A clear thesis

2. Supporting evidence (a narrative) for your thesis that

includes a true story about your life.

3.At least three of the five senses (sight, smell, sound,

taste and touch.)

4. Vivid details.

5. A clear conclusion

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