Develop a training plan

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My portion of this assignment is highlighted with my name (Cadvad). I also need an introduction and conclusion. 150 words each section of my portion


Your task is to develop a training plan for the client. In your plan, consider the following:

1.      Needs assessment

·         Environmental analysis

·         Organizational analysis

·         Demographical analysis

·         Operational analysis

·         Individual analysis 


2.      Training methods Cadvad

·         Types of media Cadvad

·         Learning principles Cadvad

·         Training for learning skills or facts Cadvad

·         Effectiveness of methods Cadvad


3.      Training evaluation strategies  

·         Criteria 

·         Pretests 

·         Monitoring and observing training 

·         Collecting feedback 

·         Implementing feedback 

It’s important that you also provide rationale for your choices.

Your training plan should be no more than 2,450 words.

Just keep in mind that the annual net revenue for the first year is going to be -$50,000 and the expected annual revenue growth is -5%. Also need to consider he is planning for 25 employees and the expected annual turnover is about 10%.

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