Developing a Change Plan

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    • Identify a positive change that would improve an organization or community with which you are familiar.
    • Briefly describe the organization.
    • Discuss why you feel this change is necessary and how the organization would benefit from this change.
    • Be sure and build a firm case on why this change is crucial.
  • Establishing a Sense of Urgency
    • Identify any areas of complacency within the organization.
    • From Figure 1 in Schweiger, et al. (2016), which organizational change capability would you describe as a strength of your organization? Which would you describe as a weakness? What steps will you take to address the weakness as you create a sense of urgency?
    • Outline a plan for creating urgency for the positive change you have identified.
    • Use the Exercise on pp. 34–35 of the course text, The Heart of Change, as a guideline in the process.
  • Creating a Guiding Coalition
    • Outline the individuals that would be important to include in your guiding coalition. You do not need to use names, but describe the role each plays in the organization.
    • Identify the criteria you used for selecting your coalition.
    • Discuss the contributions each role would play in guiding the change process.
    • Defend why this group is ideal for this coalition over other possibilities.

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