Developmental Analysis

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Homework Purpose: In this assignment, you will be completing a developmental assessment of a specific person and comparing them to established norms, developmental milestones, and theories and determining which developmental tasks have been met and unmet.

Note: The assessment is not a chronological lifespan report of development from the viewpoint of a single theorist. It should focus on the subject’s current period of life utilizing multiple theories. However, if the subject has unmet tasks, you can examine earlier periods of life influential to the delay.

Homework Instructions:

1. Select a subject (person at least three years old)  you know well enough to complete a developmental assessment. 

2.    Collect and provide a brief overview of the subject’s biographical information, including information such as their age, gender, family structure and living environment, education or employment setting, family socio-economic status, religious affiliation, ethnicity, or cultural elements etc.  

3.    Identify and report the subject’s current age period of development per textbook based on their chronological age. 

•    Early Childhood; Middle Childhood; Late Childhood; Adolescence; Emerging Adulthood, Early Adulthood; Middle Adulthood; Late Adulthood

4. Thoroughly review the theories, skill concepts, and established norms and milestones from the course material that are relevant to the subject’s current age period. 

5. Select several topics in each of the three developmental domains (physical, cognitive, and psychosocial) that you find interesting and relevant to the individual.

6. Describe and compare information about the subject’s functioning in your selected topic areas to cited normative information.

7. Assess the subject to determine if they have met or not met the developmental expectations according to the textbook and other associated course materials. Could you ensure the inclusion of various theoretical perspectives is discussed in the course material?

8. Identify and suggest measures to assist in the healthy development of an unmet or delayed topic. If areas of development are not found to be unmet or delayed, suggest measures to maintain or further strengthen an already achieved topic area. The suggested measures to assist or maintain need to include clear reasoning supported by normative information, i.e., a statement regarding why the measure to assist would likely help address the particular developmental objective. 

Homework Requirements:  

The minimum length of the homework is four pages (not including the title or reference pages). The typical length required to cover all the rubric areas thoroughly is 4-6 pages. 

You can use the course material as the main cited reference and use at least one other resource. The additional reference should be educational and published within the last 5 years. 

Adhere to all APA style guidelines, including cover and reference page formatting, spacing, font size, margins, page numbers, and in-text citation formatting. 

The quality and effectiveness of your homework is essential. Please use professional/scholarly language that follows basic grammar and punctuation rules and maintains accurate spelling. Please avoid overly casual or conversational speech.

  Book: Lilly, M., & Valentine-French, S. (2019). Lifespan Development: A Psychological Perspective Second Edition.

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