did i do this correctly thank you

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Directions: Put prepositional phrases in parentheses, underline the subject(s) once, the verb(s) twice, and label the verbs A.V. for action and L.V. for linking.

  1. (During the summer)-PP I-subjecy bought-AV and sold-AV cards.
  1. Increased-AV wages-subject and additional benefits were-LV the results (of the negotiations)PP.
  1. Juan-subject dropped-AV his duffel bag (on the sand)PP and raced-AV( into the ocean)PP.
  1. Jenny-subject made-AV a card and gave-AV it (to her mother)PP (for Valentine’s Day)PP.
  1. Bread-subject, peanut butter-subject, and jelly-subject are-LV the ingredients (for a sandwich)PP.
  1. Electricity-subject and computers-subject caused-AV  changes (in the company).
  1. I-subject called-AV my friends and told-AV them about the party (on Saturday)PP.
  1. The manager-subject of the store looked-AV and found-AV the receipts (for Tuesday’s sales)PP.
  1. Evan-subject walked-AV, ran-AV, and bicycled-AV (to school everyday)PP.
  1. Kevin-subject and Sean-subject are-LV best-friends (since elementary school)PP.
  1. English-subject, history-subject, and science-subject are-LV my favorite subjects.
  1. You-subject must add-AV yellow dye, burn_AV the liquid, and freeze-AV (it for the project)PP.
  1. Biologist-subject recognized-AV and categorized-AV the new strain (of bacteria)PP.
  1. Ruby-subject and James-subject bought-AV fruit for a salad and cooked-AV the meat (for their dinner)PP.

15. The flowers-subject and trees-subject turn-LV pale in the fall and seem dull because (of the weather)PP.


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