Discipline Project essay

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This assignment has three parts.

Part 1:

-Read the instructors on the file “Discipline Project

-You need to use the the article attached “Article 1” as a resource of the essay

Part 2:

-Take one paragraph from the Discipline Project. “part1”

-Describe how you integrated the ideas of cohesion, coherence, and transitions into this paragraph.

-Highlight examples in the paragraph.

-Do this part in a separate document

Part 3:

-Choose one scholarly, peer-reviewed article or one article from a professional or trade organization in the field “Physics”.

-The article should be an article that you are considering using for your annotated bibliography later in the semester.

-Provide a citation of this article.

What is the exigence of the article? How do you know? Paste the section you think provides the clearest example of exigence.

-Who is the audience for the article? How do you know?

-What are some of the constraints of the argument the article makes? Provide specific examples of how the disciplinary context, publication outlet, structure of the article, etc., constrain and shape the argument the author makes.

-Using the rhetorical triangle, briefly show how the argument is framed within appeals to ethos, pathos, and logos. Provide a specific example within the text to show the type of appeal the article makes to the reader.

-Do this part in a separate document


This assignment is part of the final project, so we will work together again to complete the project.

The first part and the second part of this assignment are related but do each one of them in a different document

If you have any question, I’m here until you finish the project

I don’t know how many pages you’ll do for this assignment but i’ll put 1 and we will discuss the after you pick to do the work


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