discusion 1-2 relates to fear and health among Hispanic immigrant community, Writing Assignment Homework help

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do a paragraph about this post with this instruction .

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example, share what you learned in the readings

  From the assigned article, the researchers explained
the issues as it relates to fear and health among Hispanic immigrant community,
and was based on data collected from immigrants with risk of diabetes,. The
relationship between fear and health as identified by the researcher in the
article are listed below:

   One of the factors as identified is fear of cost- According to the researcher, “the
fear of cost can be understood as a form of violence that is not something
experienced by people who have health insurance or sufficient resources” (
page- Reeves,et al 2013). Most of the immigrant that are low income
earners  or without any source of income
are faced with this challenge every day of their life that they have to make a
choice between good health, putting food on the table, and proper housing for
their loved ones. Sometimes, they are forced to deny themselves good health in
order to have a happy family. Again with the insurance situation in this
country, one needs to have a good job in other to have a better insurance,
since no one is ready to hire undocumented immigrant, so by the time they get
to the hospital, their condition will be more severe than before which could
have been avoided if they were able to get to the hospital at the early stage
of the disease.

  Another factor is language and discrimination- This is 
a big barrier in health care among immigrant, majority of the immigrants
have accent, some speaks good , little , or no English language and this have
inhibits them either from going to the hospital or making appointment for
routine check- up. For example, the first time I called doctors clinic to make
an appointment some years ago after coming to this country , was asked by the
receptionist “you have a good accent, which country did you came from and why
did you come to this country?” and sometimes in the hospital, while using the
interpreter according to the researchers, “participants said that they are
still made to feel guilty as if it  somehow their fault that they need this
service”(page-Reeves, et al 2013)

  Fear of illegality- The researcher stated that “deportation is an ever- present
reality for people in the shadows because they lack legal immigration
status”(page-Reeves,et al 2013). Undocumented immigrants are faced with the
fear of going to the hospital or clinic and get deported, so some of them
refused to go to the hospital until they are brought in by their loved ones due
to how serious their condition looks that if not treated will lead to death.

  In conclusion, with the factors listed above, people are been prevented
from meeting their basic needs,  again
with the insurance issues in this country, it makes it seems like certain
disease condition are higher with particular group and less with the other.

 Yes I strongly believed structural violence
perpetuate health disparity.


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