Discuss how you feel and think about the government and explain why, political science homework help

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*In three (3) sentences, discuss how you feel and think about the government and explain why you feel and think that way.

*The Constitution is not enough to stop the lying, cheating, and stealing of public officials, the enforcement to stop drug and human trafficking, discrimination, inequality, or anything else in this country that makes you want to scream and ask the question why. If you have an opportunity to rewrite any part of government history that you think would truly make a difference today, other than slavery, what would it be and why? Next, provide three separate sentences stating how this change in the Constitution would impact the citizens of the United States.

*Identify a Republican or Democratic presidential hopeful and list twointerest groups that are supporting his/her campaign? Next, in three separate sentences, provide 3 reasons why you think the interest group is supporting the candidate.

*Select one (1) of the following concepts to examine: in-group / out-group, bystander effect, conformity, nonconformity, foot-in-the-door strategy, or door-in-the-face strategy. Next, describe one (1) situation in which you observed the concept chosen. (Situations can be anything from observing people in a grocery store to interacting with your children or a colleague, among many others.) Then, identify the concept you observed and discuss how it relates to the situation.


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