Discussion 3

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 Create a Graph based on the data below:Cut and paste your graph to your thread and add your interpretation of the data.

Target behavior: Samson at 7 years in grade one reads below his grade level. 

Operational Definition of the target behavior: Reading can be defined as the ability to look through a printed text and make the correct sounds that match the meaning of the text. Samson at 7 years old experiences difficulties in spelling basic words that are age and grade appropriate, manifests problems sounding words, experiences difficulties in recognizing letters and sounds, has problems reading out loud with the right expression, and problems understanding what has been read. 

Examples of the defined behavior:  Difficulty making sounds when looking at printed texts, difficulty in expressing the letters, and pronunciations of various syllables. 

None Examples: Samson can make appropriate sounds when asked to imitate the teacher, can point to the correct words and pronounce syllables correctly when imitating the teacher. 

Measuring the behavior: As Samson goes through the three semesters of grade one, he will be able to recognize sounds, spellings, make pronunciations, and create correct meanings of the printed texts. 

Replacement behavior: Samson will read correctly before he turns eight and moves to second grade through the teacher’s intervention. 

Operational definition of the replaced behavior: At the age of 8 years and in grade 2, Samson will read correctly and create meanings from printed texts.


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