Discussion 9

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Over the weekend you read Williams (1981). In that text (while it may come off as sarcastic, lofty, etc.), Williams was arguing some important issues that have become foundational in how writing is taught (at the university level). Primarily, he argues that “errors” are really only important to address when they get in the way of a reader’s understanding. When communication breaks down, we have a “flawed verbal transaction” that we should address. But we shouldn’t address it by demeaning another person’s language use; we should address it by asking why they might have used language in such a way, and negotiating a way toward making meaning or understanding. These arguments will be more direct in the text your read tonight.

for Canagarajah’s texts read only pages 586-596)

– What connections should
we make between
Williams’ and
Canagarajah’s texts?
– What connections can
we make between these
texts and our broader
work with Genre?
– What does Almon’s
example tell us about
voices and genre?


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