Discussion Board Question. ( Foundations in Emergency Management for Disasters and Healthcare)

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Overview – Public information, media, risk communication

Communication is a huge issue in emergency management. Done right, emergency managers serve the public well. Done wrong – big problems. Most organizations have a Public Information Officer who has undergone extensive training. Some organizations haven’t yet learned their lesson.

Reading Assignments

Attached Files:

Ciottone chapters 24, 42, 45

A useful pocket card – (See attachment)



You may find these sites interesting, but this is not required reading. The lesson in each of these is that the right PIO makes all the difference. The wrong one is a major problem. (My personal thanks to DMM student Christina Pareja for finding these).

Gluckman, W. A., Weinstein, E. S., Dilling, S., & Paul, J. S. (2015). Public information management. In Ciottone’s Disaster Medicine (pp. 143–148). http://doi.org/10.1016/B978-0-323-28665-7.00024-8




Discussion Board Question

Describe the role of the Public Information Officer in media relations and reporting during an incident. Why is this role so crucial? How can the PIO beneficially utilize the media for Risk Communication activities during the event? What pre-event activities lead to success in these relationships?

– APA Style

– Two references at least


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