Discussion Board Questions

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Create a post of a minimum of 400 words that answers the following questions

“The Lottery”

1. What is the significance of the narrator’s description of the black box?

2. What is the significance of Tessie’s repeated exclamations that the lottery is unfair? Exactly which aspect of the lottery does she challenge?

3. Why do you think Jackson composed this story? What was she trying to say about American culture?

“Rocket Night”

4. What is the significance of the fourth paragraph? What kind of victims are chosen and how are they chosen? What do you think Weinstein is trying to say with this story?


5. Compare the process by which victims are chosen in “The Lottery” and “Rocket Night.” Which seems more horrific? Why?

6. What recent events or news stories do either of these two stories bring to mind? Are there modern-day “lotteries” or “rocket nights”? Are there traditions we carry on but that no longer make sense or are harmful? Why would people carry on outdated or harmful traditions?

7. Write down one question YOU have about either or both of these stories. Yes, you have to come up with a question, please and thank you. In your responses to your classmates, take a look at their questions and see if you can offer a possible answer to someone. 


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