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Original Question

Review “Case 3.1: A Strained Research Team,” located in Chapter 3 of the textbook, Leadership: Theory and Practice. Post a 250-300 word response to the questions located at the end of the case. In your response, be sure to address the strengths and weaknesses of the three-skill approach in this situation.

My Response


Based on the skills approach I would assess Dr. Wood’s leadership as effective in delivering some skills but not well equipped with other skills. According to the skills approach Dr. Wood appears to have the technical skill due to his expertise in research projects (Northouse, 2018). He is well known for his competency in the area of health education research in the whole country, and people come to him for consultation. Also, Dr wood has strong conceptual skills that allow him to work with ideas (Northouse, 2018). Despite mastering the two skills, Dr wood does not relate well with the team members a trait required for effective administration. He screams at his team members and views them to be under performing. No, the project will not be successful because the team members are demoralized, are working for longer hours without credit and are underpaid and the project is under budgeted.


No, Doctor wood does not have the skills necessary to be an effective leader of this research team because his actions do not correspond with what a leader should do. An effective leader is expected to have human skills that unite project team members to work towards achieving common goals (Northouse, 2018). Dr. Wood’s action does not unite the group; rather he blames the team members of not working enough and also not completing their tasks. The comments demoralize the team members and thus he doe not have what it takes to be an effective leader.


The first competence that I would address with him is the problem-solving skills since he does not seem to understand some of the major problems facing the team and thus the project continues to face problems (Northouse, 2018). Besides, we would address the competency of social judgment skills which will enable Dr. Woods to work effectively with others (Northouse, 2018). Therefore, I would recommend that Dr wood uses a democratic approach to his leadership by allowing project members to speak during the meetings. Another change is to frequently notice good progress and comment on teammates who get motivated to work harder. Dr, wood needs to learn human skills which will help improve his leadership.

Respond to this response by my classmate:

I found your response to the third question very insightful and digging deep to analyze the team’s problems, specifically the leadership competency to address with Dr. Wood. I was so caught up after reading the case study that I only focused on the lacking leadership competency of social judgment skills and didn’t even consider the problem solving skill as a lacking competency. With the project being over time and over budget it is clearly a competency that is lacking as well. Wood’s does have the duty to figure out why the prject is taking 20-30% more time then budgeted (Northouse, 2016) and find the solution by using root cause problem solving methods to find the cause and develop solutions. As you pointed out Dr. Woods only is voicing his frustrations with the team and not attempting to fix the problems.


Northouse, P. G. (2016). Leadership: theory and practice. Los Angeles: SAGE Publications.


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