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Address the following question and write a personalized response, using appropriate musical terminology. Your response should have a minimum of 350 words and should be your original work, not the work or discussion published in another source. 

Select and discuss in reasonably substantial depth any one work, composition, or piece of music, written/performed in any style or genre, of your own choosing, from a musical culture other than your own. Yes, this indeed can be a challenging starting point for the discussion, as you must, obviously, first of all determine “what is your musical culture?” Many people today identify with more than a single musical culture. Consider also that the word “culture” can indeed refer to any number of factors, or combination of factors, including personal preferences of music, as well as religious or spiritual beliefs, ancestral heritage of recent or distant years, artistic/musical traditions, belief/value systems, and so on.

For the purposes of this discussion question, think about your first or primary or leading musical culture and then go to a style/genre from another musical culture. Then write a personalized reflection about the work you selected, from the other musical culture, being sure to identify that other musical culture, identifying what you heard, using appropriate musical terminology from the readings associated with other vocabulary. You are not limited to the material in your text and may indeed consider any other inspirations of thought, including external to the textbook or course materials, for your discussion of musical culture, but you should not COPY material from any other source. 

Be sure to send about your discussion of audio/video links in your document.


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