Discussion post on properties affecting contaminant partitioning.

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In this module you learned about properties affecting contaminant partitioning. For the module discussion, pose a question that you have about one of the topics.Use this as an opportunity to extend your knowledge or to clarify a concept. You will be assessed on a) how well you are able to put the question in context, b) your answer to this question, and c) your replies to others.

  • Make an Initial Post: Provide the question and provide a satisfactory answer citing relevant literature. This should not be a simple yes or no question. Initial posts should be at least 300 words.

Text Readings were Environmental Organic Chemistry Vol 3

Chapter 7, Partitioning between Bulk Phase: General Aspects and Modeling Approaches, pp. 216-232;

Chapter 8, Vapor Pressure, pp. 238-253;

Chapter 9, Solubility and Activity Coefficients in Water, Air-Water Partitioning Constant, pp. 260-281.

Attached within are the peer review articles accompanying this module.


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