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Each response should be at least 75 words in length and should address two or more of the following points:

  • Do you agree with your classmates’ perspectives? Why, or why not? Be specific.
  • Ask a specific question to encourage further discussion on the topic.
  • Challenge your classmates’ interpretation of literature and/or point of view.
  • Do a small amount of research and share what you learn with your peers about the topic discussed in this post.

In the modern comedy Mistaken Identity: A Ten Minute PlayKali has a major role. Kali is a 29-year old lady who is of Hindu decent and Steve, he is a 32-year old American man. I think one of the main conflicts in this play by Sharon Cooper is of Mistaken Identity. I think the mistaken identity comes from the fact that Steve assumes that Kali is a heterosexual woman. She happens to be lesbian. Kali projects herself as a heterosexual woman because she routinely dates men. She is set up on a date with Steve who later on discovers the truth about her interest. Kali due to the pressures of traditional Hindu culture, is also afraid to show her true self to her family. She is afraid that her life style will bring dishonor to her and her and those closest to her. Steve finds out that Kali feeling is in fact lesbian and advises her to tell her secret. The two develop a friendship and he is willing to support her. He also encourages her to disregard her fears and to be true to herself. The fact that the two characters come to terms in their respective understanding and are okay to move forward turns out that their friendship deepens and thus this acceptance of one another solidifies their friendship


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